Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From the Fires of the Earth

Galia Alena ceramic bowl pit fire
Finally made myself a blessing bowl for my own altar and I'm so excited, totally in love with how it turned out. We were lucky enough to do a pit fire this weekend with cuttings from the local pinot noir grapes and they turned out just beautifully. I'm totally in love with the alchemical fire markings in black and "pinot" wine colour, and specklings. I had to restrain myself from including too many close up shots because the texture is exquisite. Only wish I had had more time to make pieces for the firing but I am keen to try this again and soon. so delicious
Galia Alena ceramic bowl pit fire
Galia Alena ceramic bowl pit fire
 On the back is a Rumi quote "When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you a joy."
Galia Alena ceramic bowl pit fire
 All perfect, reflecting the work done in Woman as River- exploring money mythology, through second chakra work around flow. Below is a journal page I did inspired by an artwork shared in the group (artist unknown). Pixie's next Woman as River starts next Monday, details here: Woman as River
Galia Alena mixed media journal page inspired by unknown artist

Galia Alena ceramic wip pit fire
 This piece is still a work in progress, she needs her hand dyed lace and feathers but the pit firing has turned out better than I could have imagined on her, although the earth did seem to taken an offering of her snake and a flower or two. She might be awhile before she's finished but I'll share when she is.

Galia Alena ceramic bowl pit fire


  1. gawd those pottery pieces are beautiful.....swoon

    1. Thank you Tracie, really hoping I get to play with this technique again. In the meantime this is the bowl on my altar.



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